How Livraro works? – Your complete guide

How livraro works

Now that you found out what is the best and fast solution for your business, you should learn how Livraro works.

Here are the most important steps that will help you to build your online store.

1. Store configuration

First of all, if you want to open an online store, you should go to and create a free account by adding your business details.

  • Enter the name of your business (the real name)
  • Upload your logo (or representative image)
  • Set up your domain
  • Set up payment options

2. Delivery areas configuration

You can set up all the delivery areas precisely, at street level, and also the minimum value of an order, and the transport costs.
You can add an unlimited number of delivery areas.

3. Menu configuration

In order to start receiving online orders, you will need to have a complete menu or a product list. Set up the Menu/List of products and don’t forget about setting up the working hours.
You can add different Menus customized by working hours or store locations.

4. Adding products

Now you can add all your products. All you have to do is setting up the name, details, price, and category for each one of them. You can always select the option of customer’s requests regarding the product preparation process (medium, rare, without salt, etc.).

5. Receiving orders

Now that your website is complete, your customers can enter your site and add the products they want to their shopping cart. Once added, they select the delivery address and send the order.
You can see all the orders in real-time, and also change their status and assign them to the delivery guy.

6. Delivery

After you assign the order to your delivery team, they can see it and track it on a dedicated mobile app.
When all the products arrive safely at the destination, they will check the order complete button found in the same app.

*Take notice that Livraro does not handle the delivery process.

7. Notifications

E-mail notifications can help you increase your number of sales. Livraro brings you the solution of a complete system of notifications. You can send emails anytime you want. For example, you can send an email one week later after the last order, or why not, only a few hours later, in order to find out the feedback of your customer.

8. Vouchers system

With Livraro you can issue vouchers, both in value and percentages. This tool will help you increase sales and win new customers.

9. How Livraro works when it comes to reports?

Livraro gives you all the reports you need to increase your income and to update your business. You will know the orders situation, the popularity of your product, and you can always generate other kinds of reports to help you make the best decisions.

Are you ready to open an online store?

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