How Self-Delivery can help you grow your business?


Are you thinking about opening an online store with self-delivery for your business? Let’s talk a little about the advantages of having your own delivery team.

Self-Delivery – the cheapest option when you open an online store.

If you decided is time to open an online store, you need to know that, the delivery aspect is very important. A complete ordering process includes ordering, packing, and delivering. Because you are at the beginning, you have to pay attention to all your investments. A self-delivery service is an effective way to preserve your finances and start building a profit-maker strategy. You need to know that, first of all, it’s cheaper to have your own delivery staff. Without commission charges, you can invest in other things like high-quality packages or new products.

You can manage the entire delivery process.

If you choose self-delivery, you will be in total charge. You can track all the orders and be in touch all the time with your delivery team. Also, every delivery guy can have a dedicated mobile app from where he can see all the assigned orders and addresses. You are able to delimit the delivery areas very precisely, at street level. For each delivery area, you can set different transport rates and other settings. With a self-delivery service, you will maintain a high-quality standard for all the orders. You will transport them safely everywhere.

The delivery time will be reduced.

Self-delivery means fast delivery! How is that possible? Many delivery companies are picking up a large number of orders that are going to be delivered at the same time in multiple areas. This is one of the reasons why an order may delay or reach another customer. Your trained team will know when an order is ready and will hurry to pick it up and deliver it fast. The entire process will be managed in-house and that’s the most effective way for a complete and fast delivered order.

Self-Delivery builds customer trust and loiality.

Choosing a self-delivery service will bring you so much more advantages, not only financial and administrative. With this option, you can pay a lot of attention to your customer needs. You can include gifts inside the package and not worrying about having them “disappeared”. If you own a restaurant, you can make two separate packages for any order. One for food and the other for drinks. Cold drinks may reduce the heat of the meals if they are put together, and this will not bring you good feedback. Also, a cold drink can break a paper bag. In this case, you can choose a special package for drinks because, you know your team, and they will take care of those drinks.

So, what do you think? Are all of these advantages enough for you to start building your own delivery squad?

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