4 effective ways to increase online sales – try it!

Increase online sales

If you want to grow your online business, you will have to pay attention to your potential customers requests. How can you do that? Here are some useful tips to increase online sales.

1. Online campaigns increase online sales.

You know for sure all those social media ads that are invading your profile. So many online stores are now using this strategy to increase their sales. It’s the perfect way to achieve a large number of potential customers using a specific targeting strategy. You can create ads for all your products but don’t forget to pay attention to image, text, and price. You need to use real images and prices and also, short and accurate descriptions.

And because now you have an online store, you can think about creating some specific campaigns like Black Friday, Christmas, Easter, etc. With this kind of campaign, you can sell your products at special prices. Take notice that this is one of the most used marketing strategies everywhere in the world.

2. Everybody loves gifts!

Give your customers the chance to appreciate more your store and your activity. If they will have the possibility to buy your products at special prices, their fidelity will increase and also, they will recommend your store to their friends. For example, using Livraro you can issue vouchers, both in value or percentage. These vouchers can be used for the actual order or the next one.

What else can you give to your potential customers?

  • fidelity cards
  • discounts
  • free products
  • free delivery
  • fidelity points

3. Fast and safe delivery is a must.

Buying your favorite products and having them home fast, just with some clicks it’s not a dream, it’s nowadays reality. If you want to increase your online orders you have to pay attention to the delivery process. Every package should be handled carefully because there’s always the risk of scratching or breaking the products. Use high-quality materials. Also, before sealing it, check the invoice one more time, just to be sure that it contains all the products requested. You can always add some treats as a gift. Big online stores from all over the world are using sweets or vouchers as a sign of appreciation. You should try it too.

Now, the order is ready to be delivered. To be sure that your delivery guy reaches the correct address, you can use a dedicated mobile app for delivery tracking. Very helpful for the delivery team and also for your business. You don’t want your customers to give you negative feedback.

4. E-mail and Sms Notifications.

Because now you have an online store, all your online orders need a real status that can be visible to the customers. You can make this possible by sending them real-time notifications. It’s easier to know when your order is received, ready to go, or on the way to your house. You can always send a “thank you for your order” message. It shows that your business respects its customers in a very professional way.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to increase your online sales?

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