Social Media for Restaurants

Social Media for Restaurants

Ok, sooo…you found out which is the easiest way to open an online store for your restaurant and now you have it. You thought that this was it all, didn’t you? If you want people to visit your website and start ordering your products, you will need a social media presence. Let’s find out what you should do first.

Create social media accounts

If you want your restaurant to be on social media, you should create a business account for it. Choose any platform that you consider helpful and appropriate for your business. Upload the logo and put the real name of your restaurant. It is very important to pay attention to all your branding details (images, colors, font). These details are the only ones that can increase your business visibility in the online market. Don’t forget about adding your website link, specific information, and contact details. After you finished creating the account, you will need a good strategy.

Make a social media strategy

In order to work as you expect it, a social media page needs a strategy. First of all, you should think about raising awareness and increase your website visibility. After that, you can focus on conversions. Think about when is proper to post, how, and how often. Do small research before or even a test. Those are the best ways to find out which hour has the highest traffic, who are your customers and from which part of the country are they accessing your social media page. Every page has analytics and reports from where you can take the information you need. After that, you can start posting. You will also need a plan for that. Choose a schedule and do it wisely, so you can take care of your orders while the page is working well in the background, all by itself.

Start posting

Try various posts, if you want to have success. You can post a promotion, a new product, a menu, or details about your location and updates. If you want your customers to find you easily and order fast, don’t forget to add a link to your website in every post you make. Images are also very important. Use real images as much as you can. These types of images are most likely appreciated by the audience and they always reach a high impact. And if you will choose to promote a post that includes a real pic, you will reach a high number of potential customers.

Promote it

You can promote all the posts with higher impact or you can build a campaign from 0. The main purpose is to bring visitors to your website and end their visit with an order. In the beginning, there are a lot of chances that your customers would search only for some information, without placing any order. It is OK. If you will choose a concrete message, you will start selling a soon as possible. Try using short texts with complete info about the website, contact, and prices. Choose the right audience based on your visitor’s activity and demographic data. Make an analysis of your results and generate new campaigns better optimized.

When are you going to start promoting your restaurant on social media?

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