Social Media for Restaurants

Ok, sooo…you found out which is the easiest way to open an online store for your restaurant and now you have it. You thought that this was it all, didn’t you? If you want people to visit your website and start ordering your products, you will need a social media presence. Let’s find out what […]

Turn notifications ON for your business!

Having a close and strong relationship with your customers is the best way to grow your business and increase sales. Turn notifications ON and start communicating with all your customers right now! Let’s see what type of notifications can help your business evolve. Automated notifications (sent immediately) They are usually sent a short time after […]

How Livraro works? – Your complete guide

Now that you found out what is the best and fast solution for your business, you should learn how Livraro works. Here are the most important steps that will help you to build your online store. 1. Store configuration First of all, if you want to open an online store, you should go to […]

How to increase your restaurant sales?

If you own a restaurant, you are aware that the pandemic period was a real challenge for your business. Today we will introduce to you some useful methods that will help you increase your restaurant sales. Open an online store for your restaurant. Online marketing is continuously growing, so, in this case, if you want […]

How to promote an online business – 3 effective ways

Until now we’ve discussed all the reasons why your business should have an online store. But, to increase sales, you have to pay attention to your potential customer’s requests and start to promote your online business. It’s not that easy to reach all the people targeted in your strategy, but with good promotion, you will […]

How Self-Delivery can help you grow your business?

Are you thinking about opening an online store with self-delivery for your business? Let’s talk a little about the advantages of having your own delivery team. Self-Delivery – the cheapest option when you open an online store. If you decided is time to open an online store, you need to know that, the delivery aspect […]

4 effective ways to increase online sales – try it!

If you want to grow your online business, you will have to pay attention to your potential customers requests. How can you do that? Here are some useful tips to increase online sales. 1. Online campaigns increase online sales. You know for sure all those social media ads that are invading your profile. So many […]

3 reasons why you should have an online store

If you want your business to be successful and take over the competition, you need to have an online store. Nowadays, people enjoy spending their time online. The online shopping industry is growing fast in the entire world and that means an online store is becoming a necessity for every business. Here are the three […]