Turn notifications ON for your business!

Turn notifications ON

Having a close and strong relationship with your customers is the best way to grow your business and increase sales. Turn notifications ON and start communicating with all your customers right now! Let’s see what type of notifications can help your business evolve.

Automated notifications (sent immediately)

They are usually sent a short time after the order is delivered. This is a good method to find out the weak and strong points of your business. Feedbacks are very important and if you listen to your customer’s requests, you will gain his fidelity for a long time.

With Livraro you can send e-mail notifications 3 hours after the order reaches the delivery point. It’s the perfect amount of time for your customer to try your products and discover what he likes or dislikes.


When time passes by without receiving any orders from your loyal customers, reminders can save your business. Take notice that all the reminders should be sent after a long time from the last order and not more than one at a time. If you will send 2 or 3 notifications, one after another, you may lose your customer.


If you have in mind a new promotion for your products you should send a notification as soon as possible. These notifications will bring awareness, new orders, and why not, new customers. You can include there your updates, promotions, addresses of your new physical stores, or newly added products.

Custom Notifications

Once you filled up all your databases, you can send personalized messages to your customers. When should you do that?

Every time they are celebrating a special event like a birthday or one-year fidelity, you can send an appreciation message together with a small gift. You can choose between loyalty points, vouchers, or free products. And if you give them the chance to use their gift even after a long period of time, you will receive, for sure, another order from those notifications.

The secret of a successful business is always ensured by the relationship with your customers. The only way to maintain this relationship for a long time, or to build new ones, is to send notifications.

Do you use notifications for your business?

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  1. These reminders and immediate notification hit user’s experience and build brand impression. Yes also it makes trust. Thanks for this information and subscribed your blog.

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